In the following piece, Fifth Third's Chief Investment Strategist offers his perspective on investor outlook for 2015.

The accompanying video was filmed in early November and features Fifth Third's Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Korzenik and Chief Investment Officer, Jonathan Reynolds. They offer their thoughts on what investors may expect in 2015.

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Auld Lang Syne 
By Jeff Korzenik, Chief Investment Strategist, Fifth Third Private Bank

Investors can be forgiven for feeling that this bull market has felt more like a bear market. Once again, the Wall Street wisdom that, “markets climb a wall of worry,” proved accurate. The steady drumbeat of concerns included geopolitical fears from Russian aggression, the advance of ISIS, global growth fears, and even October’s ebola-linked swoon. Even the weather didn’t cooperate; harshness of the winter drove a negative read on 1st quarter GDP, sparking growth fears only allayed by a sharp rebound in the following quarter.

Despite the trauma of headlines and the ups and downs of global markets, the U.S. economy clearly progressed in 2014. Critically, for a workforce struggling to find gainful employment, at long last the domestic economy began to produce steady and meaningful job growth. In many ways, the U.S. economy can be said to have achieved “escape velocity,” a level at which growth becomes self-sustaining. We believe that growth in the U.S. and the global economy will continue, and in some ways improve as lower energy and foreign central bank actions cushion risks and impediments to progress.

However, we are also cognizant of potential constraints to U.S. growth. As is typical for the latter part of a business cycle, we are getting early indications that labor markets have tightened and we may be approaching full use of our industrial capacity. Despite the risks we see ahead, investors surely should take heart, not only from another year of portfolio gains, but also by taking stock of the opportunities that still lie before us. In 2015, we envision another year in which market participants can prosper. Read more.