Cary Putrino

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At Fifth Third Private Bank South Florida, our team of professionals is focused on more than getting to know your financial objectives—we're focused on getting to know you, too.

Understanding your situation and values is key to creating a wealth management plan that addresses your unique needs. Our comprehensive list of wealth management solutions includes investment management, wealth planning, private banking, risk management, and trust and estate services. We also work seamlessly with your outside advisors, such as your attorney and accountant, so you receive a fully integrated program focused solely on what's right for you.

We invite you to meet our team members and learn more about how Fifth Third Private Bank can help you. Explore the positions listed below or call us at to get started.

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  • Wealth Management Advisor - Serves as your coordinator and consultant in all matters of wealth management. Collaborates closely with a team of Fifth Third specialists to identify and deliver the investment solutions that best fit your objectives.
  • Private Banker - Help manage your portfolio and provides deposit and lending guidance. Works with professionals throughout our various services departments to ensure all of your financial needs are addressed.
  • Portfolio Manager - Assists in the development of your personal investment policy guidelines. Makes decisions about your investment mix while matching investment opportunities to your objectives—all while balancing risk against performance.
  • Wealth Planner - Serves as Wealth Planning resource for client relationships. Provides professional consulting services and solutions through the development, delivery and implementation of all facets of wealth planning including matters of estate, tax, insurance, investments and retirement.
  • Trust Officer - Serves as a relationship manager and fiduciary advisor for trust administration and estate planning. Acts impartially in managing and distributing your trust property, while keeping the interests of you and your beneficiaries at the forefront.
  • Private Bank Investment Executive - Partners with a Wealth Management Advisor to provide brokerage and investment management services. Develops investment strategies and provides ongoing adjustments to keep your financial objectives on track.
  • Insurance Specialist - Works with you and your Wealth Management Advisor to help choose the type and level of insurance protection that is right for you, your family and your business.


Michael Gorsen
Senior Wealth Planner

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Thomas Nerney
Wealth Management Advisor

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Andrew Porio
Wealth Management Advisor

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Hector Sikes
Wealth Management Advisor

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Jay Spiller
Wealth Management Advisor

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Sean Casey
Director of Regional Portfolio Management

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Amy Clayton
Senior Portfolio Manager

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Jennifer Guendjoian
Portfolio Manager

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Peter Stebelton
Portfolio Manager

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Burns Dobbins
Senior Trust Officer

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David Frye
Senior Trust Officer

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Samuel Katz
Senior Trust Officer

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Timothy Malach
Director of Personal Trust

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Amy Rohde
Trust Officer

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Eva Walker
Senior Trust Officer

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Kent Anderson
Senior Private Banker

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Richard Kontos
Senior Private Banker

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Cesar Taveras
Private Banker

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Helene Tolentino
Private Banker

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Debbie Trapani
Private Bank Team Lead

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